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NCO and Vital Solution numbers don�t match  what was promised.  Let�s ask the MPSC what they have been told.
DTE Energy PEP the sequel to the LTV travesty.
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DTE Energy announces game show strategy for profits!

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May 2006���������� Vol. 1, Issue 1


�Can anyone remember those early days of television game shows? It�s quite obvious that our company has tried to deceive� the public and their employees to believe that� their Performance Excellence Process (PEP) is nothing more than a game to achieve and sustain operating excellence.� What they forgot to tell everyone is that the fact

of the matter is that these processes will be implemented to� eliminate employees both represented and non� represented� alike to secure the future profits of Senior Management.


An analogy that the company is delivering to the public and Wall Street in their game show strategy looks something like this.


The first game show that comes to mind is �The Price Is Right.�� The company has repeatedly stated that the PEP process will ensure that DTE Energy will further its success

as a strong, growing energy provider. We can almost hear the late Johnny Olson shout! - DTE Energy employees come on down! You are the next contestant to lose their jobs to corporate greed.


The next game show that reflects the DTE Energy way is �Truth or Consequences� as they have stated in their PEP brochure �Work Force Reductions Will Be An

Inevitable Consequence� they remembered the consequence but miraculously they forgot the �TRUTH�.


Make NO Mistake!� These initiatives presented under the guise of PEP Processes talk about DTE Energy becoming a better, stronger Michigan Company.� Maybe we

should call this �I�ve Got A Secret�.� By putting 2000 more people on the street it really sheds light on another quote from the �The Found-

- ation of a Better Future Brochure�� that states �We must support our state�s economic recovery by slowing the pace of energy costs increases.�


We the Membership of Local 223 UWUA wishes the company would only use one game show for a comparison of what is needed to be successful and that would be the once renowned game show� �TO TELL THE TRUTH� if only this had been done from the inception with open and honest communication and the input from everyone the downsizing initiative of DTE Energy could have taken place without any �JEOPARDY� to anyone�s well being and the company�s focus to �Beat The Clock.�



To date there have been no formal discussions with the Local� union regarding the PEP process implementation.


�The Company has told the Union that it wants to �engage in full� IBB (Interest� Based

Bargaining) discussions relative to Customer Service.


To date the Company has refused to schedule or hear our grievances on� the contracting and outsourcing of work in Customer Service, which in turn

perpetuated the necessity� to file a NLRB board charge just to get the necessary information to uphold the contract.


A meeting was scheduled for May 9th with both parties leadership.