Text Box: to deliver, what the represented personnel have for years and that is true “Customer Service” without the profit mongers trying to sell that leaner is the way to do business.

The represented workforce has been scrutinized for several months now with the company onus being that they have to make the performance measurements or else. 

Text Box: Within the Company’s realm of deception and number crunching come the real and unreal numbers.

Early reports have shown that the outsourced call centers are achieving new standards of incapability as the Customers of DTE Energy once thought of as the key to success suffer as quality and reliability flounder in outsourcers feeble attempt 
Text Box: The Union questions this as more and more reports show that the outsourced call centers are making more mistakes at an alarming rate.

Are these people subject to discipline, do they have DOT standards to meet?

The only answer: Stop the Outsourcing Now!!

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Text Box: MPSC-The numbers just don’t add up?
Text Box: Breaking News! NCO and Vital Solutions Errors reach NEW Highs!
Text Box: The next time you read a newspaper article that cites a corporate source on a subject of global warming, remember this Corporations don’t care what happens to you or your grandchildren.
From Trust Us We’re Experts (2001)
Text Box: May 2006           Vol. 1, Issue 1

 This “2 Cents Worth” was submitted by: Local 223 - OPT Chairman Al Grayewski:  Main Page | Page 2 | Page 3


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President - Jim Harrison


Vice President - Rich Mata


Recording  Secretary -

June Heath


Treasurer - Gary Zalewski


Sub-Station Chairperson -

Jack Jaskowski


Power Generation Chairperson - Bill Betzing


Gas Chairperson -

Rich  Harkins

WSC Shops - Arnold Petty


Fermi  Chairperson -

Lee Sharpe


“Our work is guided by our belief in the right of all workers to participate in decisions which affect them and to be treated  with dignity, fairness and respect.”

OPT Chairperson -

Al Grayewski


UGL Chairperson -

Jim Wallace


FM&S Chairperson -

Mark Nagel


Stores Chairperson -

John Holmes


Motor Transportation -

Rick Strain


Meter Chairperson -

Robert Jackson


Under the present edicts of the MPSC the Customer Care Organization is held under stringent requirements dealing with workload concerns.


The  Company stated that we needed to get back to being the best in class call center that we once were.  With the implementation of KPI’s and a performance monitoring system

known as Blue Pumpkin  the company demanded and received  the numbers they promised the MPSC.  It was the hard work and diligence of the membership of Local 223 UWUA that made this possible, unfortunately that wasn’t good  enough.


The company believed that outsourcing was the answer and

began a systematic deception of an alternative to an outsourcing ideal presented by the union to advance what they had intended to do all along at the expense  of customer care representative livelihoods by putting their outsourcing initiative on a fast track to displace people.