Text Box: DTE Energy announces game show strategy for profits! 
Text Box: With one of their main Core Values missing  DTE Energy ’s high level decision  making team has been reported given the go ahead to implement their façade known as a Performance Excellence Process to the public.

Lost  will be  the livelihoods of many who have dedicated their careers to the success of a Corporation who emphasized Integrity as a Core Value only to be kicked to the curb by  Corporate America’s profit hungry  leaders who continue to see their salaries swell at a rate 
Text Box: greater than inflation.  If the Company’s number don’t lie then the reality is the numbers shown to the media are only the beginning of what once could be considered a leader in the Utility Industry.

What will be left is a company  encompassed with uncertainty , low morale, and the ability not to perform at a level promised to Wall Street as the key to the future success of the corporation.

Unfortunately the numbers slated for elimination are 
Text Box: 506 customer-service positions, 235 jobs in the power plant-division, 232 jobs in the natural gas division, 201 jobs in distribution operations and 71 corporate services positions and about 800 non-union positions will be cut.

Missing numbers include all of Senior Management’s numbers to be displaced  to date or maybe the creation of more corporate positions will be the answer at our employee’s expense.
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Text Box: United We Stand aren’t just word’s!
Text Box: Dte Revamping Business organizations
for downsizing implementation.
Text Box:   The membership of Local 223 UWUA must unite against their doings that brink on evil as only excuses have been brought forward to tell us that we need to become more efficient , top performing, and do twice as much work as before. 

Pandemonium runs rampant 
Text Box: throughout as rumors get closer to being fact instead of fiction .

We must  unite to save our jobs and our futures before there is nothing left to save.

We must unite to bargain collectively for our success.
Text Box: This unmitigated assault  on our union must  Cease and Desist. 

The initiatives of the Company are nothing more  than a concerted effort to disseminate the rank and file.  We are all victims of corporate greed and our company is willing to do it at all costs.
Text Box: In Memoriam to the Partnership Principles  of a Company that once upon a time walked the Talk.

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May 2006           Vol. 1, Issue 1


Many  sound Ideas have been generated and are currently under review to be implemented.


Spreading of the Word is dependent on US and just not You.


In the next week you will be contacted  to the activities that have been planned.

The US Committee has heard everyone loud and clear.


The time now is to put  our words into actions, this can only be accomplished through a united front  call to action  by this committee.


Much discussion has taken place as the committee mobilizes.

This will come through the means of communication that have been established keeping in mind that the company is watching our every move.


We will do this with Class  instead of Kissing the Company’s  ———.