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Submitted by Frank Costello

“Troublesome Incidents”


    The Stores Chair and I have had some discussions about concerns over numerous troublesome incidents that have occurred at Warren Service Center over the last year. There seems to be an emerging and disturbing pattern developing that needs to be looked at.


1) A contract employee threatened to slit the throat of one of our Stores bargaining unit members.


2) A contract employee was recently let go for crimes repeatedly perpetrated on the public while on his way to work at DTE.


3) A contract driver ethnically discriminated against one of our bargaining unit employees in a start up meeting.


4) The same contract driver ethnically discriminated against numerous employees on the afternoon shift at W-100 W.S.C with his comments.


5) The same contract driver threatened one of our bargaining unit members on the afternoon shift at W-100 W.S.C.


6) And the last incident, a contractor was allegedly caught stealing and selling material from off back of one of the D.T.E. trucks.


    There are a number of commonalities involved in all of these incidents. These employees all work or worked at W.S.C, they are all D.T.E. contract employees, and except for a couple of incidents off the property, they frequently drew DTE Stores employees into their issues.


   For example, last year, almost all of the Stores problems at W-100 and Investment Recovery involving a Stores bargaining unit member, also involved a D.T.E contract employee. This pattern of problems doesn't stop there, as their issues seem to be flowing over into the streets as well.


    I certainly hope this pattern does not continue. Maybe one of the problems is that the DTE diversity & zero tolerance policy doesn't extend to contract employees in the same manner as DTE employees. If core values and zero tolerance does extend to contract employees, there’s an obvious and urgent need to have the contract employees sufficiently versed and trained in these policies and procedures as soon as possible.


    I thought I needed to draw attention to this alarming pattern by pointing it out in the hope that it isn’t allowed to continue. Obviously this is something that everyone needs to be made aware, of as well as the need for monitoring. I’m just trying to be Frank.

Frank Costello



This “2 Cents Worth” was submitted by: Frank Costello - Vice Chairman, Stores Division, Local 223: 

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There seems to be an emerging and disturbing pattern