Submitted by Frank Costello

“The Bait and Switch”

     Advertise a car at an extremely low price. Lure the customer in to the lot. When the customer arrives at the car lot, the car that was advertised of course is already sold or never existed but the dealer can offer another car to the customer of course at a higher price. The advertised car is the bait and the higher priced car is the switch.


     We never thought that our employer DTE would stoop so low to use the oldest trick in the book to pull a bait and switch scheme to get us to agree to produce storm coils for the company.


     Let me explain the bait. Distribution Operations was charged by the vendor last year about $750,000 last year to produce storm coils for the company. In the process of attempting to cost save for the company and avoid layoffs or displacements we tentatively agreed to produce these coils for the cost of material and labor creating a cost savings for the company of about  $735,000.


     Let me explain the switch. They are now only allowing us to claim about $9,000 savings instead of the $735,000 we would actually be saving the company.


     I think some of our management missed there career calling. I know a number of them came from the auto industry. Since they evidently are familiar with pulling bait and switch schemes I think they might want to evaluate there career opportunities and become used car salesmen. However, they probably wouldn’t be very good at that either.


Frank Costello




This “2 Cents Worth” was submitted by: Frank Costello - Vice Chairman, Stores Division, Local 223: 

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