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Once every month or so over the past year Iíve received a notice with my BUNDLE reports to cancel any un-needed reports in an effort to save paper.

Last year I called BUNDLE at the designated number and asked them to cancel 1 of the 2 Stock Status Reports (MMSR0136) sent to me each week. Anyone at Ann Arbor desiring a copy can make a copy from mine.

For Ann Arbor, the Stock Status Report, (MMSR0136) is 38 pages for each copy, plus 5 cover sheets in front, 2 sheets between each copy and 5 sheets in back for a total of 88 pages. In other words 50 un-wanted and un-needed pages of paper are received with each MMSR0136 report.

Usually the MMSR0269 report is 1 to 2 pages long. Each copy comes with 5 covers sheets in front and 5 in back. Of the 11 pages usually received as an MMSR0269 report, only one is the document that is used. The other 10 are waste.

The same can be said of the report containing Back Order information as well as most other reports. 1 document page and 10 cover sheets.

I requested that 9 of the cover pages be eliminated from the MMSR0269 report and several other reports, as only one cover sheet is needed, the one containing the name and location of the person receiving the report.

I was told the 10 cover sheets cannot be changed, that when you receive the report, all the cover sheets, front and back have to come with it.

My request in 2005 was not acted on, so earlier this year I made the same request again. Even after my second request, I am still getting 2 copies of the MMSR0136 and only 1 copy of the back order report has been stopped. Everything else is unchanged.

I did a random 7 day sampling from 6/24/06 through 6/30/06 and this is what I found. The reports for that period totaled 201 pages. 79 pages were actual reports and 122 were useless cover sheets.

122 pages per week totals 6344 wasted pages per year. Multiply that by the thousands of people getting BUNDLE Reports and you have a staggering number of wasted cover sheet pages.

Another thing to consider is that at my location I am often away at meetings and on Union business. Because of this, my MMSR0269 reports are fewer than at locations where the ROSís that generates the report gets entered daily.
In other words, I may have only 1 to 3 document pages for my 269 reports each week because they only get input about twice a week, and that will generate 20 cover pages. At locations where the ROSís are input daily youíre likely to have 5 to 6 document pages and 50 cover sheets. This particular scenario is just for the MMRS0269ís only and doesnít take into account other documents.

If you take the 6,344 wasted pages I get each year and multiply it by only 1,000 other people getting BUNDLE reports, you have 6.344 million wasted pages each year. My average of 6,344 scrap pages is probably a pretty modest average and only 1,000 other people getting BUNDLE reports is a dramatic under estimate. Thus the 6.344 million wasted pages each year may only be the tip of the iceberg.

*Include the wasted ink that goes into printing 6,344,000 million useless pages and the costs are increased appreciably. Also add the cost of manual labor to load an extra 6,344,000 pages of paper into the printing apparatus. Add the costs of handling an extra 6,344,000 sheets of paper after itís printed. Tack on the extra transportation costs. Consider too it may cost extra for larger staples to bundle oversized reports together.

The real tragedy is the horrific environmental effects this waste creates. Take this scenario backwards to the trees that are destroyed to make the paper and on average, for every 201 trees cut down to supply DTE with copy paper, only 79 trees actually should have been required. 122 trees are destroyed un-necessarily out of every 201.

I canít begin to guess how many people have more waste on average from their BUNDLE reports than I do, nor can I guess how many people were missed with my estimate of 1,000 people getting bundle reports. The one thing I am sure of is that the number of people getting BUNDLE reports has to be several thousand.

Considering the known factors as detailed above, and that my numbers actually need to be multiplied several times over, the final analysis should show that the wasted paper from BUNDLE each year is likely 10ís of millions of pages each year. Also see * above.

How do you put a price tag on all this? Itís possible, but it would be difficult and time consuming. However by correcting the problem, itís obvious that over the next 5 years it would amount to millions of dollars in savings, possibly 10ís of millions, and more important is the positive environmental impact of saving countless trees.

Savings Opportunity Estimate $10,000,000.00+ over next 5 years.

Bill St.Clair



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