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Exits Without Lawsuits

Modified 05/04/06


   There are probably a host of methods available to accommodate those who want to leave, capture knowledge and give job opportunities to remaining employees. If DTE gave consideration to coming up with methods to get people to leave without generating lawsuits, they could save 10's of millions of dollars.


   This would also allow people to leave who want leave, reward senior employees for their years of service by being offered a package whether they are in a targeted group or not, and by offering exit packages that will entice people to leave, DTE might be able to improve relations with their employees and avoid many of the legal hassles and public airing of such matters.


   By incorporating method's to eliminate law suits, as well as developing better savings ideas, the door could be opened to offer these more generous exit packages.


Here's an example of what I'm talking about, DTE could develop any number of workable solutions or variations.


  • Key 1: Make sure offers are made to all groups and management levels, eliminating many of the morale, jealousy and larger issues that generate lawsuits.

  • Key 2: Make sure enough on the table to generate the desire to exit but also give those that are borderline in age/years of service an opportunity to help the company by exiting as well. There appears to be great latitude in this area as is evidenced when Presidents and Vice Presidents are hired and given several years of seniority to bolster their retirement packages.


   Establish an exit timetable and initiate exits in an orderly and controlled fashion. A timetable like the one below may be moved up, back or expanded depending on actual time needed to complete each phase and accommodate the numbers leaving. By following a method such as this, you would be rewarding senior employees who may want or need to leave regardless of being in a targeted group or not.


   Some exits will occur in the targeted groups, senior employees exiting in non targeted groups will open up opportunities for others in the targeted groups. Usually these senior positions are higher paying, more desirable Management & Skilled Trades jobs that will attract employees from the targeted groups, keeping the flow moving toward targeted goals.


   The ranks of some of the targeted groups are filled with young people in need of long term employment, many of which are young mothers and other minorities, which the company seems to be willing to unmercifully set on the street without exploring alternatives.


   The DTE Presidents present Corporate agenda seems to be diametrically opposed to his public stance against those trying to take affirmative action away at the ballot box. How can you be believable in one role and expect to have credibility in the other?


  • Phase 1 -  Months 00 thru 06: Offer exit packages to those with 40 or more years of service. (No targeted groups.) Start filling key exiting positions immediately, allowing (2 wks?) co-habitation for knowledge transfer before actual exit. Post and fill all cascaded positions within 6 months by posting as soon as the exit is confirmed but before actual exit occurs.*

  • Phase 2 - Months 06 thru12:  Repeat terms of Phase 1 for those with 35 years or more.*

  • Phase 3 - Months 12 thru18:  Repeat terms of Phase 1 for those with 30 years or more.*

  • Phase 4 - Months 18 thru 24:  Repeat terms of Phase 1 for those with 25 years or more.*

*The timetable may be terminated anytime desired numbers are reached.



Bill St.Clair


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